Wednesday, November 26, 2008

In Memory Of Bojangles

Bojangles "Bo" was purchased October 1997 for Brittney to learn how to ride a horse. We bought him from a horse sale in Uniontown, Alabama. He was not broke to ride except for the rider to be lead.

When Brittney started riding with out the assistance of another person, she gave the finishing touches to breaking him to ride. I remember Bo being so stubborn. Brittney rode him in barrels and arena race and when she finally got him in the gate I had to "jump start" him before he would lope. He never overcame stubborn. Brittney showed him in leadline for many years and when she was older she starting riding him in Pony Walk Trot and Pony Pleasure. She did very well in those classes also. As Brittney got older we bought her a padded horse, Charlie.

Jared started riding Bo when he was 3 years old. He rode him in Pony Walk Trot and Pony Pleasure also and won many trophies. Jared enjoyed Bo also but he was still stubborn. Bo was a very gentle pony for kids. He was used for riding lessons and just general riding with kids all over.

Bo died in September 2008 from old age.

We never knew really how old he was when we bought him. Our vet speculated that he was 9 then. So he would have been 20 at his death.