The primary goal of Dou"B"le J Farm  is to introduce and instruct children of all ages and adults in effective and positive horsemanship.  Through lessons, camps, and special events Dou"B"le J Farm will seek to create a peaceful and positive environment in which our students can flourish.
Moreover, Dou"B"le J Farm will seek to be an overall positive influence in the lives of our students by reinforcing good character traits.  With the horses ever serving as faithful object lessons, we will reinforce the things learned at home, in school, and at work such as honesty, integrity, discipline, benevolence, and a hard work ethic.
We will leverage our facilities, horses, and Staff to accomplish these goals.  Our Staff will become interested and involved with our students, encouraging them and helping them understand the value of these character traits.  They will show them through example how these lessons and traits help them not only become better horseman and horsewomen, but better people.
Finally, we believe that interacting with and understanding horses leads to a better understanding of history and of one's self.  We believe that the lessons we learn by working with horses leads to self improvement in areas of confidence, responsibility, and discipline.  That is why we teach and share; not because of vanity but because we believe that it leads to improvements both in the Staff and the students.